Kerus loves to invest in the ministry projects of pastors with a unique platform for ministry.  Last year we assisted with and published a book, The Stone that Hit the Giant, by our dear friend and colleague, Pastor Thando Sikonkwane.  Kerus founders, Drs. Ball and Cerullo, contributed a chapter about courage.  The book is for youth who live in communities where they are forced to overcome the giants of poverty, abuse, violence, disease and hopelessness.  Using the illustration of how David faced the Philistine giant, Goliath, with five smooth stones from the brook, Pastor Sikonkwane introduces the stones of forgiveness, joy, ………… to fight the giants facing our youth today.  Using testimonies of resilience from our children at the orphan care center (with permission of caregivers), he illustrates how applying the principles of scripture can make all of the difference in the world.  The book is in its second printing.

A few years ago, we published another pastor’s book in South Africa, How to Become HIV+: Guidelines for the Local Church, by Dr. Johan Mostert.  This text was written for adults in ministry who must have answers to the HIV/AIDS crisis in their communities.  Through testimony, medical explanations and biblical application, Dr. Mostert walks the reader through a framework that promotes good science and sound theology with community activism.  Kerus has distributed this text to pastors and laypeople at all of our It Takes Courage! Youth Curriculum training conferences.  You can find the text in our Kerus store.

At Kerus we believe that national leaders should lead the way in our ministries.  As we support and empower their success we position them for greater influence and the ability to replicate and mobilize lay leaders.