Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Serving a generation under oppression

Orphans & Vulnerable Children

Ushering in community care to children in crisis to bring justice, rescue the needy and set captives free. 

Over 2 million children now live as orphans in South Africa due to the ever growing and catastrophic effects of HIV/AIDS. The orphan care crisis has overwhelmed local communities with unbearable financial burdens, specifically in locations like Soshanguve where the average household consists of 10 people who live on a monthly income of $172. The unemployment rate is 60%.

The desperate plight, and danger of lurking oppression creates an unbreakable cycle that continues to ravage generations. When founders, Dr. Jennie Cerullo, and Dr. Marcia Ball stepped into courageous compassion, they set their hearts on an initiative of restoring the orphan in all areas of their lives — emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically, and mentally.

Our desire is to overcome adversity barriers with agents of lasting change, through the creation of the Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center and Kerus Safehouse.

The Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center

Faithfully serving since 2008, The Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center, located in Soshanguve, South Africa, partners with local schools and churches to provide after school care to 130 orphans and their caregivers. These children of resilience come to the center to receive life changing care including a nutritious meal, play, medical care, tutoring, and spiritual development training. To see hearts encouraged, bellies fed and souls awakened by the very love of God, fuels Kerus to continue to courageously step into the gap nourishing each child’s soul where it is needed most.

The Kerus aim is to equip extended families and grandparents with support to act as the new parental provider in the life of an orphan. Our heart is to restore families, keeping them together while providing vital support to the caregivers. Our Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center is not a residential orphanage where children spend the night, but rather a bridge to help caregivers provide an environment where each precious child has a chance to succeed. As Kerus we position ourselves in servitude to local leaders bringing hope to vulnerable children in their communities.

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Our heart is to restore families, keeping them together while providing vital support to the caregivers.

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