Stronger Together

Kerus actively seeks to build relationships with church communities interested in multi-year partnerships designed for discipleship and evangelism through service opportunities. Congregations can be actively involved in our projects in the field and from the USA, providing opportunities for personal and spiritual growth for church members and for the people in the communities we serve.

Short Term Missions Teams

Opportunities to join Kerus in South Africa are available. Trips are usually 10-14 days in the field and are tailored to the needs identified by our community leaders. Activities are focused on strengthening our leaders through spiritual and professional enrichment and service opportunities such as construction, school outreach or programs to further the enrichment of our children and staff at the orphan care center. We also convene church pastors and lay leaders to help us with spiritual retreats and conferences for local church leadership teams.

Kerus Kids

Are you interested in engaging the children or youth at your church in missions? Your children can pray for one of our orphans at the Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center or the Kerus Safe House using one of our personalized prayer cards. We also have program ideas to help your youth raise money or other resources often needed at the center.

Kerus Quilters

Do you have people interested in making quilts? Kerus Quilters is always busy cutting squares, sewing tops, and quilting together. You don’t have to be present to help! Every quilt has a sewn in Bible verse and a team prays for the receiver as they make the quilt.

Church Engagement Inquiry