Since January of 1995, the founders of Kerus, working in conjunction with numerous organizations, have reached over 35,000 professionals and over 3.5 million youth in over 53 nations. Kerus has designed or provided materials that are being used in these areas.

The following countries have received training and are using educational materials designed by Kerus:

Angola Gabon Liberia Republic of South Africa
Argentina Ghana Lithuania Suriname
Belarus Guatemala Madagascar Seychelles Islands
Belize Guyana Malawi Swaziland
Botswana Honduras Mongolia Tanzania
Burkina Faso Hong Kong Mozambique Thailand
Cameroon Hungary Niger Togo
China India Nigeria Tonga
Cote d’Ivoire Indonesia Papua New Guinea Uganda
Dem. Rep. of Congo Jamaica Poland Ukraine
Ecuador Jordan Lesotho Venezuela
El Salvador Kenya Romania Zambia
Ethiopia Lebanon Russia Zimbabwe
Sierra Leone Spain Germany  Bonaire
 Philippines  Namibia  Sudan


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