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Being healthy is more than the absence of disease, it encompasses wellness in all of the dimensions of our beings — physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and even vocational. Communities living in poverty are focused on survival, they lack access to quality medical services, nutritional food and an opportunity for meaningful employment. At Kerus we are committed to engaging others with a wellness perspective, helping individuals and communities to be all that God created for them to be. We want everyone to have an an opportunity to live healthy, meaningful and productive lives, a concept which cuts across all of the programs offered through Kerus, from educational initiatives to provision of food and other necessary assistance, we address all areas of health and well-being.

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care is at the heart of Kerus’ public health initiatives. Kerus founders, Dr. Jennie Cerullo and Dr. Marcia Ball, are known for creating best practice models for HIV/AIDS prevention education and elevates the impact of many of the largest faith-based organizations addressing the AIDS crisis.

Places where HIV/AIDS and poverty combine create a tidal wave of devastation, making it nearly impossible for families to adequately oversee the health needs of their children. We have witnessed the de-humanizing affects of discrimination, exploitation, hunger and lack of health care. These children are more likely to go to bed hungry, under-perform in school, and more likely than other children to be exploited and abused.

The Soshanguve Project is Kerus’ community health outreach in Soshanguve, South Africa. We are providing HOPE by implementing feasible health strategies to keep our orphans and their grannies who care for them safe and healthy. The Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center is a beacon of hope for this community serving over 130+ orphaned children who are tenderly cared for by our sixteen amazing staff members. Our children’s well-being is overseen by our social worker who monitors the needs in their homes and works with family members to obtain proper medications of antivirals and HIV/AIDS treatments. We offer support groups and other counseling services and most of all we fill in the gap with a loving adult who is focused on each child’s health and well-being.

With zeal, we serve as health care advocates to our Kerus families, ensuring home visits once per week. The center is designed to support the families where the children live to be healthy and safe homes. We recommend proper health maintenance and hygiene, parenting strategies, and encouragement. We ensure the families have proper taxi transportation to and from health care facilities, assist with acquisition of birth certificates and paperwork for receiving government support. We are so pleased to partner with the Rotary of South Africa, to provide medial equipment, including walkers, bed pans, and wheel chairs for our aging grannies.

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