It Takes Courage! has been Kerus’ flagship educational program for over 15 years.  Over a million youth have been exposed to this character-based life skills and HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum on the continent of Africa.  In January we held our third It Takes Courage! training conference in Soshanguve, where over 60 school principals and teachers have gone through the our 4-day curriculum training conference.  Here are four testimonies from recent attendees:


Kerus Orphan Care Center Administrator 

It fills my heart with joy and my face brightens up as I reflect on what I have experienced through being a part of the It Takes Courage! movement here in South Africa. Over the past seven years I’ve grown in my walk with Jesus and my character continues to develop. I face fear and adversity with courage and have learned to put my trust in God. I now feel a sense of belonging like never before and I so love working at the center and caring for our precious little ones that come to us with such hurt and sadness. Dr. Ball and Dr. Cerullo are my mentors, sisters and dear friends, and now as an adult I feel more confident and skilled not only at work but at home with my husband and children. Because my life was changed so drastically through ITC! and my relationship with Kerus, I named my last baby girl Kerus. She is almost three years old now and such a joy! She is a little girl that does life with all her heart and a lot of passion! That’s why Kerus is the perfect name for her. Thank you for investing in Kerus and directly impacting my life and showing me the love of Jesus.

WELCOME NDLOVU >> Executive Director, Smart Choices South Africa Partners 

I’ve attended a lot of trainings in my life but this one was unique. It changed my life completely! I love this wonderful training course that allows us to share different information on the pressing issues of our time. The topics that were covered are so, so powerful and helpful in terms of reducing the new HIV/AIDS infections, tackling violence and abusive relationships and sex trafficking in our communities. Thank you so much for all your help!

KHUMBELO RAMARU >> Elementary Teacher I am a primary school educator in Soshanguve and it has been an amazing experience to work with children. I attended my first It Takes Courage! conference in 2015; the experience changed me both personally and professionally. The tools that were taught apply to both adults and youth which makes the curriculum so impactful. I noticed my interaction with my students changed. There was a new-found depth which allowed me to help them realize their potential and decision-making skills required to progress towards their goals. I thank Dr. Marcia and Dr. Jennie for developing a life-changing curriculum and availing themselves to equip us to influence the lives of children.


Kerus Orphan Care Center Social Worker 

I have been working as the social worker at the Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center in Soshanguve for the past four years. I had heard about [ITC!] and have observed our care givers teaching the lessons to our kids but actually attending the conference was a life changing experience for me. I learned a lot about my personal life. I especially loved all the discussion about life choices and the practical skills I learned to help our youth make wise choices. If I could turn back the clock of my life, my choices would be so different. I’m so grateful to be a part of the Kerus family and for my growth personally, professionally and especially spiritually.