Many of us have fond memories of receiving our first Bible; we treasure the inscription by our parents, grandparents or that special adult in our lives. Kerus Advisory Board member, Kimberly Hobbs, remembered that feeling and wanted to give that special gift to the children she loves at the orphan care center and has visited on many occasions with her husband, Kenny. With the Torres family, they organized the Hearts of Hope Project for our kids. The team hauled 150 Bibles or Bible story books, one per child and staff member, each with a picture and a letter written by the person who sponsored the Bible. Younger children received the Bible storybooks while the middle school and high schoolers received a Bible, not any Bible, but an adult coloring Bible with crayons.

At Kerus we believe that dignity is in giving our best, not “good enough” for children living in poverty. When we make curriculum, it looks exactly as it would look as if we were giving it out in the USA. More expensive? Sometimes. Worth it? Absolutely, yes! Time and again we have been told through the years how respected people feel. And the Hearts of Hope Project was a perfect example of extending the love of Jesus in that way. Hope found in the pages of the Bible and demonstrated by those with Jesus’ love in their hearts.

What fun it was to watch God at work. Time and again, without prior planning, a child received a Bible from someone who had that child’s prayer card! There were tears of joy, squeals, and determined children to write the best thank you card ever to the one who made their Bible possible.