Kerus has just completed renovations on a new house that will be used to take care of children vulnerable to abuse and sex trafficking! Located in a South Africa township, the five bedroom house, with space to accommodate up to eight children, is ready for use! We have hired Tabitha as our house mother who will create a family environment for the children who need healing love and stability. All of the children will begin attending the Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center.

The house was made possible with the significant help of Nigel Anderson, of Renaissance Movement Music. Nigel came to South Africa in 2018 and fell in love with our children at the center. During that time, he asked the Kerus founders what was on the dream list for the project. After he heard of real cases of children going to the streets when extended family members didn’t want them anymore, or how to help bring extra food home they would engage relationships with “sugar daddies” his heart was moved. He called the office a month after he returned to the USA and said he had an idea – make a rap album, call it SAFE HOUSE, and donated 100% of the proceeds to locating and setting up a Safe House for our children. And that’s what he did! Kerus’ logo is now on a rap CD, Safe House, and because of Nigel and his colleagues working together to make the album and perform concerts, along with Kerus’ fundraising efforts too, the need has been met.

Through the process Nigel met Kristi Wells, now the CEO of Safe House Projects, which was founded by Nigel to address similar issues in the USA. Safe House Projects has been on the front lines raising the sex trafficking issues in the USA and supporting partners who are rescuing and restoring precious souls that have been exploited. Safe House Projects continues to provide ongoing finances for the maintenance of the Kerus Safe House. To learn more about the fabulous work Safe House Projects is doing, visit their website

In March, Nigel, and his colleague Will, were able to join us for an emotional dedication of the Safe House with our Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center Staff.