Thanks to the generosity of BBD, a South African software development company where our Kerus Board Member, Johan Mostert IV is an executive, the Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center now boasts a new computer lab with six laptop computers and a server in the Kerus Academic Enrichment Center.

Even though the South African curriculum requires computer useage for school assignments, most families in Soshanguve cannot afford a computer; many of the children at the center do not even know someone with a computer. Led by Peggy Poo, our locally certified computer instructor our children at the center will now be able to complete and print assignments. We are utilizing the Khan Academy training program so that children from grades kindergarten through grade 12 can practice each subject for school. This system is a global tool to improve the quality of education. The kids are incredibly excited to learn computer skills that will help them with their school work.

In partnership with BBD, we will host computer workshops and lectures, looking for youth in the local area who are uniquely gifted and have interest in learning about computers. BBD is interested in indentifying these youth and will support avenues for their development as young IT professionals.

BBD also donated projectors and sound equipment for use at the Kerus Academic Enrichment Center and the Orphan Care Center. We will utilize these spaces to host professional training seminars, make the space available to local organizations needing a place to meet, and we will be able to play movies for the entire group of 130+ orphans on Free Fridays, our designated day for play at the center.

The lab, complete with a state-of-the art server system, will also assist the orphan care center team with administration. Already the staff is involved in computer training seminars and they are so excited for the opportunity to develop professionally.

What a blessing to have BBD, a local company, invest in the orphan care center in such a meaningful way. We are grateful for such a wonderful partnership!