Kerus Global Education brings a message of hope and better health to youth, families, and communities around the world. Working with government and faith-based organizations, local schools and churches, Kerus helps establish educational and care programs focused on child advocacy, youth development, and HIV/AIDS prevention. Kerus curriculum, training, and compassionate outreach combine to ignite and sustain community transformation.

Our products and services are executed with the goal that our work:

  • Protects and promotes the well-being of orphans and other vulnerable children;
  • Fosters relationships between healthy caring adults and youth;
  • Raises up local leaders to create solutions to local problems;
  • Promotes character and life skills development;
  • Enhances the dignity and living conditions of the poor;
  • Cares for those infected by HIV/AIDS;
  • Builds bridges between the faith community and public health professionals;
  • Introduces others to a dynamic relationship with Jesus;
  • Enhances the ability of professionals and students to work effectively in cross-cultural settings;
  • Casts vision and mobilizes professionals and faith communities for short-term volunteer service, as well as long-term partnerships;
  • Promotes collaborative efforts across disciplines and faith groups;
  • Maximizes interactive learning methods.

Core Messages promoted in the Kerus training and educational programs include:

A Holistic Approach to the Education Process – All Kerus educational programs reinforce growth in each dimension of a person’s life – physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual development. We desire to help youth and their parents envision “health” as more than the absence of disease.

Character and Courage – We believe that internal goodness supersedes external greatness and that the development of good character is essential in order to maintain healthy bodies, healthy relationships, and long-term success in the workplace. Courage is an essential component of character development. It is the critical element needed when doing the right thing is not easy or popular.

Life Skills Development – It is not enough simply to decide to do the right thing. Youth and adults alike must develop the skills required to do the right thing. A youth who wants to say “no” to sex or an adult who wants to talk with a child about sex must develop the skills necessary to successfully complete the desired action.

Spiritual Foundations – Kerus educational materials and training programs are consistent with Judeo-Christian values. However, we are sensitive in our spiritual messaging, adapting the method and the breadth of our spiritual messages according to the needs of the audience being served.

Empowering Parents and Guardians – Connection to parents/guardians is one of the most powerful protective factors in the life of a youth. Adult role models are essential to the emotional well-being and moral development of a child. We affirm their role and seek to equip parents/guardians with relationship and parenting skills that will assist youth in character and life skill development.