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It Takes Courage! is a multi-tiered educational strategy designed to permeate a community with life saving messages which will reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and increase the initiation of positive health behaviors.  We work toward:

  • pastors and other community leaders serving as community advocates and casting vision for positive change;
  • parents/guardians applying positive parenting skills and teaching good values to their children;
  • youth workers providing accurate medical information and appropriate behavior change messages for youth and their parents;
  • youth aspiring to build a vision for their lives that includes becoming a person of character and encouraging their peers to do likewise;
  • ethical business leaders who practice fair business practices and engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives.
  • people of faith, in all sectors of society, reaching out to their communities with the love and compassion that was modeled by Jesus.

The program includes educational materials in local languages, training for nationals as teachers and trainers, and strategic planning services that will help to cultivate leaders who can plan, implement and evaluate ITC! and other educational programs in their areas.

Many organizations are turning to the It Takes Courage! program because it teaches moral values presented in an engaging way for today’s culture. The educational products are available in faith-based versions and secular versions and are widely used in USAID funded projects, public school settings and in local churches.  All of our materials are specifically designed for international use – simple teaching strategies, significant use of storytelling, illustrations and adaptable messages for different age groups.
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