There are many orphans in our center who are academically gifted, and despite the poor level of education and sometimes violent school and community environments they are motivated to learn and do well in school. Yet, some of our most capable children get to high school and begin to regress. With a government that just passed a law that 20% is a passing grade, they find themselves trapped in classrooms where so little is expected of them. Stresses of poverty, aging and needy grannies, violence, boredom and peer pressure distract. Some begin to underperform and others leave school altogether making them vulnerable to sex traffickers.

At the Kerus Go Amogela Orphan Care Center, we stress 15 character traits and the courage to put them into action. Our children have a support system of caring adults who believe in them, expect them to make good choices and provide support through life’s trials. Academically capable and highly motivated young children, already on a good path, placed in private schools before entering high school, will have a greater chance to succeed in life and become leaders in their communities.

The Kerus Orphan Scholarship Fund is designed to give orphans a chance to thrive and to be all that God created them to be. Our goal is to advance the values of academic achievement, spiritual and character development and responsible community engagement.

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