By the end of 2018, Kerus will launch its first Safe House! Kerus’ Safe House Project will provide nurturing homes for our precious children whose lives are ripped apart by abuse. Working with our social workers and operated within the established professional guidelines of the South African government, Kerus will have places to be able to immediately put an end to a traumatic living situation. A safe, vibrant and loving family environment led by a full-time foster mother, and with other children who understand, provides support to a wounded child to begin the healing process. As we work in conjunction with social services to seek family-oriented long-term solutions, our children will be afforded the dignity to live in a loving and safe environment, stay in their school and continue connecting to friends and support systems at our after school orphan care center. Without such places, our orphans remain vulnerable to physical and emotional abuse as well as the real danger of dropping out of school or falling prey to sex traffickers. A Safe House is the only solution for many of our children!

Kerus believes that every child deserves a safe place to live with a caring adult in his or her life who will be an advocate and mentor. See our Kerus Safe House Project Fact Sheet for more information.

Key Partners

Look who is helping!  In addition to several churches and key individuals contributing to this vital work, the following organizations are actively providing ongoing support and services to build, operate and maintain the Kerus Safe House initiatives.

After visiting South Africa in 2016 and learning of the need for a Safe House for girls in danger of abuse and trafficking, members of Renaissance Movement Music (RMM), a Christian Hip Hop group, produced an album called SAFE HOUSE, which has been featured by CCM Magazine and with guest appearance by a grammy award winning artist. RMM is touring and selling the album with 100% of the proceeds going to the Kerus Safe House Project. Purchase the SAFE HOUSE CD


Launched in 2017, Safe House Projects exists to do two things: increase awareness about the global sex trafficking crisis, and raise funds for a network of Safe Houses that provide rescue and restoration for those running from sex slavery. The Safe House Project is a national organization that organizes local fundraising events, such as Half Marathon/5Ks, galas, fitness challenges, etc. around the country.  Ultimately, they are equipping everyONE person with the ability to fight sex trafficking, and provide everyONE victim a place of refuge.


Located in Cape Town, South Africa, and currently running over 30 homes for numerous years, Kerus is adopting the Home From Home model for care.  We are grateful for their generosity and assistance with all issues related to running the Safe House in accordance with best practices and requirements of the South African government.


Would YOU Like to Help?

Please let us know if you have any ideas or people we should contact who would have interest in becoming involved in a practical way. This could involve public speaking, one-on-one meetings with key individuals, or serving as a volunteer to promote the SAFE HOUSE.

To donate: Kerus is a ministry under the umbrella of the International Foundation in Washington D.C. As such, it is best to make your check payable to: The International Foundation/Kerus. In the memo line, you can identify the Kerus account number: 860000-SAFE HOUSE. You can mail your check to our office: 245 Newman Ave Suite B, Harrisonburg, VA 22801. Your receipt will come from the International Foundation, and 100% of your gift will go directly into the Kerus account.

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