It Takes Courage! Resource Guide

Do you need some ideas for your presentations?  Do you need a fun illustration or activity?  Do you need some ideas for how to communicate important messages to your children or grandchildren?  This unique 400-page textbook was created especially for caring adults who are interested in helping youth learn essential life skills, develop character and avoid dangers such as HIV/AIDS.  It’s two books in one!  There is information on topics such as: Creating a Vision for Life, Communicating Effectively, Building Healthy Relationships, Making Wise Decisions, and Understanding HIV/AIDS. This book is also packed with activities, illustrations, stories, quotes and poems that you can use as you teach on each subject.

The It Takes Courage! Resource Guide is the premiere product in the ITC! program.  Any caring adult will find information and creative ideas to communicate life truths to adolescents.  It is designed as a cookbook – find what you like and give it a try!

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Ideas and Strategies for Implementation

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Grandma’s Village
Oral Drama Series and Facilitator’s Guide

Exploring character, life skills, and HIV/AIDS through oral dramas and group discussion.

The key concepts of the ITC! Youth Curriculum come to life in this series of 32, 30-minute oral dramas. In the typical African village of Mwganza, Grandma raises her two grandchildren, Riziki and Bahati, after their parents die of AIDS. The stories from Mwangaza are designed to motivate people of all ages to discover who they want to be and embrace a positive direction in their lives. The stories also reinforce the character qualities and essential skills we all need to reach our dreams.

In partnership with TWR, Grandma’s Village is currently broadcast on radio stations throughout the continent of Africa. This resource is ideal for oral learners. The dramas are offered in formats for general and faith-based audiences .

The Grandma’s Village Facilitator’s Guide is designed to reinforce learning and promote lively and life-changing discussions about each of the dramas. The guide features valuable resources, including facilitator tips, discussion questions, group activities, and more—all designed to challenge group members to grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually. The program mirrors the It Takes Courage! Youth Curriculum lessons.

The dramas and Group Facilitator Guides are designed to be used in a wide variety of groups and settings, including community centers, schools, and churches. They may be used individually or together, independently or as an oral component for your curriculum. Storyboards are also available to bring yet another dimension to group discussions and support the oral tradition.

Listening Group Facilitators are trained by TWR/Kerus staff working in conjunction with local churches or organizations to coordinate the listening groups.


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How to Become HIV+: Guidelines for the Local Church

An HIV+ church isn’t sick. It is fully alive. An HIV+ church carries the mercy and grace of Jesus to the sick and hurting. It loves and serves those affected by HIV/AIDS without judgment. It brings the healing that Africa and the world so desperately need.

Pastors, leaders, and all people of compassion are positioned to combat the destruction of HIV and AIDS. This book offers no formulas for effective ministry. Instead, it offers a strategy for becoming HIV+ that begins with change in our own hearts.

The stories, experiences, and programmes shared in this book show that transformation is possible. You can become a force, empowered by the Spirit of God, for healing and change in your church and community. You can become HIV+.


Dr. Johan Mostert has more than 20 years of experience related to AIDS, poverty and development issues in Southern Africa. He has five earned degrees (D.Phil from University of Pretoria) and decades of practical experience as an ordained minister, psychologist, social worker and community activist. Currently, Dr. Mostert serves as Professor of Community Psychology at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri.



The DVD includes four engaging and informative video segments presented by author Johan Mostert and contributors Jennie Cerullo and Marcia Ball of Kerus Global Education. These segments are designed to extend your own personal learning and to create interactive group experiences.
Track 1: How to Become HIV+
Track 2: The Role of the Church
Track 3: The Role of the Pastor
Track 4: A Discussion: Character and Life Skills Development

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