This 2.5-day faith-based conference is designed to inspire and equip pastors to work together in unified ways to clarify core prevention messages and to care for and support persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in their congregations and communities. As respected members of the community, pastors are empowered to move to the forefront of HIV/AIDS prevention efforts and challenged to address difficult topics about HIV/AIDS.  In this conference pastors will:

  • Explore how issues associated with HIV/AIDS affect their congregation and community at large.
  • Empower a pastor to speak authoritatively on HIV/AIDS medical issues.
  • Suggest practical and safe ways a church can be involved in prevention and care issues in the community.
  • Support and enhance the work of existing projects in the community.
  • Cast vision for a multi-tiered church strategy that focuses on prevention, care and treatment with practical tools and messages that can be integrated into the overall church community.

New Resource for the Church!

HIVpositiveAn HIV+ church isn’t sick. It is fully alive. An HIV+ church carries the mercy and grace of Jesus to the sick and hurting. It loves and serves those affected by HIV/AIDS. This compelling book offers a strategy for becoming HIV+ that begins with change in our own hearts. Sharing personal stories, compelling experiences, and successful programmes, Johan Mostert brings a message of hope and lasting change. You can become a force, empowered by the Spirit of God, for healing and change in your church and community. You can become HIV+.

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