Kerus strongly believes in nationals as leaders and trainers in their own communities.  Over the past ten years, Kerus has has trained over 150 nationals to conduct seminars similar to the ITC! program. Our goal is to nationalize any of our educational programs as quickly as possible.  We rely on an international team of accomplished professionals with advanced degrees in education, psychology, and medicine to conduct each seminar and to train new trainers.  There are three levels of trainers for the ITC! Youth Curriculum.

ITC! Teachers/Trainers

The ITC! Youth Curriculum Training program is an intensive 4-day program focusing on the prevention philosophies foundational to the ITC! Youth Curriculum. This training is mandatory for those wishing to teach the curriculum.  Pastors, teachers, community leaders, parents, grandparents, and anyone else interested in working with youth will benefit from this training.  Those completing the training will receive an ITC!Youth Curriculum Teacher Certificate, which means they are certified to teach youth the curriculum lessons.

This is knowledge and skills too lofty to fathom. I have no words to describe the feeling. This requires a moment of reflection and then I can maybe try and describe how this has touched my life.
Kenya ITC! Training Participant

ITC! Certified Instructors:

The ITC! Certified Instructor program is offered to organizations wishing to partner with Kerus to implement the ITC! Youth Curriculum on a broad scale. Certified instructors are used to teach the 4-day ITC! Youth Curriculum Training Program that certifies teachers/trainers to teach the curriculum to youth. Certified Instructors are taught in groups of approximately 10 instructors who are taught by three ITC! Kerus Faculty. This training includes full participation at an ITC! Youth Curriculum Training event prior to going through the certified instructor training program.  Those completing this training will receive an ITC! Certified Instructor Certificate, which means they are certified to conduct the 4-day ITC! Youth Curriculum Training that certifies teachers/ trainers to teach the curriculum to youth.

ITC! Faculty:

The ITC! Faculty are part of the Kerus Global Education International Faculty. These persons have degrees in higher education and extensive international experience training trainers.

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