Do you need some ideas for your presentations?  Do you need a fun illustration or activity?  Do you need some ideas for how to communicate important messages to your children or grandchildren?  This unique 400-page textbook was created especially for caring adults who are interested in helping youth learn essential life skills, develop character and avoid dangers such as HIV/AIDS.  It’s two books in one!  There is information on topics such as: Creating a Vision for Life, Communicating Effectively, Building Healthy Relationships, Making Wise Decisions, and Understanding HIV/AIDS. This book is also packed with activities, illustrations, stories, quotes and poems that you can use as you teach on each subject.

The It Takes Courage! Resource Guide is the premiere product in the ITC! program.  Any caring adult will find information and creative ideas to communicate life truths to adolescents.  It is designed as a cookbook – find what you like and give it a try!

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Ideas and Strategies for Implementation

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