Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation

Kerus Global Education is passionate about protecting vulnerable people from those who seek to harm them for personal gain.  We are particiularly passionate about preventing the abuse of children.  Kerus offers life skill training for youth that will help them identify an abuser (In ITC! we call them hyenas) and to get the help of trusted adults before they are harmed.    We also train school teachers and orphan care workers to spot abuse and intervene in positive ways.

These quotes are from Kenya about young women gaining courage to tell:

When asked in It Takes Courage how their holiday was, a Class 8 girl confessed to all that things were not okay. She later confided with Martha that her father was forcing her to get married to a man, who had even paid dowry for her. This man’s wife had run away and he wanted another wife. The man would wait for her at 4:00 each afternoon, but she had managed thus far to escape from his grasp. One day she even broke her arm when fleeing. She told her father what the man was doing, but he just beat her. The girl has ulcers from the stress. The girl wants to continue with her education, so when she courageously informed the school, they took action. The chief got involved and her father has stopped forcing her to marry.

Class 7 and 8 girls have formed a ‘chain.’ “No one,” they say, “will mess with our character. We’ll stand together. Don’t let us down.” They are proud of their stand, ready to caution each other of those who will try to manipulate, as in their favorite ITC story, “The Boy and the Snake.”

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