“The Kerus Global ITC! curriculum is a modern day parable on the important topic of achieving behavior change among today’s youth. Its rich symbolism and examples from everyday life coupled with the lively fun activities leave an indelible mark in the memories of young people thereby ensuring self propagation. This also makes it a perfect fit to African culture that emphasizes learning from nature, story, song and other forms of drama in communicating messages of importance.”
— Dr. Patrick Gitonga, director of Samaritan’s Purse HIV/AIDS, Kenya

“I’ve never seen or imagined anything like It Takes Courage! that was just so full of hope.  We want to take this knowledge and information back to Zambia and put it in the hands of Zambian youth pastors and youth educators.  I am firmly convinced that this will not only affect Zambian churches, but it can have a ripple effect throughout the entire country.”
— Jerry Ireland, African Youth Coordinator

“’It Takes Courage! is a wonderful program that has come at the right time for our churches and communities. The program has energized youth ministries and leaders. It Takes Courage! has give them a tool and a structured program to use beyond the message of HIV/AIDS, but also to create a vision for life.  It does not speak at people, it speaks with people.  I thank God for what Dr. Jennie Cerullo and Dr. Marcia Ball have come up with.  It is a gift to the church, to our communities.”
— Thando Sikonkwane, Ministry Development Manager, Willow Creek Association, South Africa

“It Takes Courage! is going beyond our expectations. Nothing is having a greater impact in our schools and church communities. High school and college students are hardest to reach with the character message, but we hear that ITC! has become their favorite subject. The complaint we hear most often now is that “time is not enough!”  This is one class students don’t want to miss. In light of this success, the Ministry of Education of Angola and Churches United Against HIV/AIDS-CUAHA have adopted the ITC! curriculum.”
— Salomon Soares, RISE International, Angola

“It Takes Courage! is in line with our school motto. It takes courage for a person to reach the stars. We want this learner to come from humble beginnings and then move up there and reach the sky. I just can’t wait for the ITC! training conference in April!”
— Principal Dricca Mooka, Pulamadibogo Primary School, Soshanguve

“Parents have been approaching us, wanting to make sure their children attend and are consistent because of the changes they observe in the children as they attend.”
-Youth Network Southern Africa, Pretoria, South Africa

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